trials in painting

I went back to Edwardsville Watershed Nature Center this past Sunday to work on another painting for their plein air show coming up at the Edwardsville Art Center. I drove 45 minutes to Edwardsville, hiked out for about 20 minutes with my packpack, stool, wooden French easel, and my supplies, and set up to start painting. I noticed that I had left my turpentine sitting on my counter at home. So I had to repack everything, hike back to my car, take about an hour going to lowe's to buy some mineral spirits, and returned to the Nature Center. When I arrived, it had begun to rain. I had an umbrella though, so I hiked back out to my spot with my backpack of supplies, stool, and French easel under an umbrella. I found a nice pavilion to paint under. I had a nice view! I got out my supplies to set up again, and I noticed that all my turpentine had spilled into my backpack. I had no turpentine. So again I packed up, went back to get more turpentine, and returned to the Nature Center. This time I managed a painting, thank little baby jesus in the manger.