I take commissions!

Here is some information based on some frequently asked questions I have received.


What size will the painting be?

Pets are 9x12, and houses are 12x16. All paintings are done on archival watercolor paper. Paintings of small animals (dogs, cats, etc) will include their entire body. Paintings of large animals (horses, cows, etc) will be a closeup of their face and neck. 9x12 and 12x16 are both easily available in pre-made frames from Art Mart, Target, Ikea, or your local frame shop. The paintings look best with a mat.

What kinds of photos should I send you?
For best results, send your best photos! For a pet, please send me snap shots that capture your Fluffy’s personality. For best results, take photos in the sunlight and do not crop out any body parts.  Be sure the tips of Sparky’s ears, and tail, and paws are in the frame and unobstructed. If Trigger has a collar or halter on in your photo, the painting will also have it. For a house, send me daylight photos without cars in the driveway, if possible. And keep in mind the season of your snapshot. If you send me a winter scene, you will get a winter scene.

How much are they?
Each pet portrait is $100, houses are $200.  If you would like two or more pets in the same portrait, it will be $100 for each animal. I charge $7 for shipping and packaging materials. Portraits are shipped via USPS and are typically delivered within 2 days. Shipping cost will increase for paintings sent outside of the continental United States. I will provide a tracking number to you. Shipping fees are waived if you arrange to pick up your work from me.

How do I pay you?
Payment can be made with cash in person, check, Paypal, Venmo, or Facebook messenger. Inquire for details.
I reserve the right to request a deposit of 20% before I begin painting. When the painting is completed, I will send you a photograph of it. Payment for the painting and shipping cost are due immediately.  I will ship your work within 24 hours of your payment being received.

When will I get my painting?
There will be a waiting period for your painting based on how many requests I have at the time you provide photographs. Your spot in line is finalized when you send me photographs of the subject. I typically estimate two weeks or less per painting and will provide a due date when you submit your photos. Holiday times may have a longer wait, so request your portrait early!

Can I get extra prints made of my painting?
Yes. Prints must be requested before I get your painting in the mail so I can get a high quality scan of the work. They are available for $40 each and are also printed on archival paper. If you decide later that you’d like prints, you can ship your painting back to me and I am happy to have prints made, but there will be some additional shipping costs on your end. 


For any additional questions, please feel free to send me a message! Thanks for your business!